Dentist Therapy

Why do you snore?

Once we know, what sort of sleep-disordered breathing you suffer from, the therapy is set. In treatment of simple snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea, the mandibular advancement plate has proven well at night.

This transparent dental plate is worn at night and pulls forward slightly the lower jaw along with its related soft tissues. As a result the throat remains free for quiet breathing. In most cases, this is an effective and convenient way. It is recommended to patients with simple snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea by the German Society of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine. Important: Only a few dentists in Germany are specialized in the fitting of such plates! Dr. Elio Adler has been certified by the German Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (DGSZ eV).


Normally, severe sleep apnea requires a pressure ventilator (CPAP). The mandibular advancement plate is used as second choice.


The costs and the treatment by the health insurance depends on the form of snoring. In cases of simple snoring (without sleep apnea), the costs are not covered by health insurance. Is snoring associated with sleep apnea, the costs are usually reimbursed by private insurance. Before making a mandibular advancement plate, you can request a detailed treatment and cost plan to help you clarify the amount of your own investment.

And now?

Just make an appointment and we will show more about the possibilities for a peaceful sleep. For external patients, we certainly work with your family physician.