Depending on your needs, there are different forms of treatment available. All options have only one goal: a sound sleep for you and your partner!

There are different treatments recommended depending on the severity and cause.

For moderate forms a weight reduction as well as avoiding the supine position may be sufficient. With regular consumption of alcohol in the evening the abstinence from alcohol is helpful. In case of massive nasal obstruction operative therapies may be useful.

In mild-moderate obstructive sleep apnea a mandibular advancement during sleep through special rack (mandibular protrusion splint) can make a good therapeutic success.

In severe cases of sleep apnea a treatment with apparatus is usually essential. The CPAP or BiPAP devices (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, Bi-Level Positive Airways Pressure) have a blower, which is connected by tubing to a CPAP mask. Using these masks a slight positive pressure of usually 7-12 millibars is generated in the airways during sleep time. This pressure prevents the collapse of the airways and apneas and hypopneas. At the same time, the snoring is eliminated. In the BiPAP therapy, a high pressure during inhalation, a lower pressure during expiration is set.

This therapy is also known as "pneumatic splint" of the upper respiratory tract. There is a wide range of different facial masks for every type available.

A successful treatment makes the symptoms of sleep apnea syndrome disappear again, leading to normalization of sleep. There is also improvement of hypertension and diabetes.