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InterSleep - Help with snoring, sleep apnea & sleep disorders

The private medical center of excellence for interdisciplinary sleep medicine

Snoring, sleep apnea and sleep disorders have many causes and can often not be found or treated by a single field physician.

INTERSLEEP offers the first and only interdisciplinary center of excellence for private physician sleep medicine expertise at the highest level. Here, you will be treated by specialized doctors from the fields of Specialists for somnology (sleep medicine), pulmonary medicine, internal medicine and cardiology, ENT medicine, allergy medicine and dentistry. These specialists are united under one roof. So you do not have to arrange appointments at different locations or wait long communication channels between several specialists.

Our center consists of INTERSLEEP practice and a sleeping laboratory.

Known from

1 appointment = 5 doctors from 5 disciplines

Doctors from five disciplines form the core of the center. This means that diagnostic and therapeutic measures are evaluated and implemented by an interdisciplinary team of experts.

Lukas Schnitzler

Specialist for otorhinolaryngology since 1998

Dr. med Ulrich Möll

Specialist for otorhinolaryngology since 1998

Dr. Elio Adler

Dentist and Master of Science Oral Surgery and Implantology since 1996

Dr. med. Nidal Al-Saadi

Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology since 2004

Dr. Harald Müller-Pawlowski

Specialist for lung & Bronchial healing, sleep medicine and allergology since 1999

Schlaflabor Kontrollplatz

Sleep problems often have different causes

Interdisciplinary diagnostics

Sleep disorders such as snoring or sleep apnea are only at first glance easily recognizable symptoms. In fact, they are complex disorders that have to be determined properly by a detailed diagnosis. Furthermore, sleep disorders often have different causes and should therefore be treated interdisciplinarily, which in Germany is still the exception.

One needs an outpatient polygraphy, an ENT examination and a dental examination. Their results determine whether further diagnostics and therapy are necessary.

Intersleep offers a unique interdisciplinary approach (one-time nationwide) under one roof.

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The air flow can be narrowed at different locations. Nose, soft palate with uvula and tongue base. The narrowing can cause not only annoying snoring but also dangerous breathing pauses.

Depending on the severity and cause

Different forms of therapy

Depending on your needs, there are different forms of treatment available. All options have only one goal: a sound sleep for you and your partner!

There are different treatments recommended depending on the severity and cause. For moderate forms a weight reduction as well as avoiding the supine position may be sufficient. In mild-moderate obstructive sleep apnea a mandibular advancement during sleep through special rack (mandibular protrusion splint) can make a good therapeutic success. In severe cases of sleep apnea a treatment with apparatus is usually essential.