Treatment of sleep-disordered breathing in pneumology innerhalb der Pneumologie

The nocturnal ventilation therapy in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing in the Pneumology is the most common option.

It is not invasive and is able to eliminate all forms of sleep-related breathing disorder, regardless of their origin.

But it is symptomatic and does not represent a causal therapy. Ventilator breathing tube and respirator must be permanently applied, only then an effective functionality of ventilation therapy can be guaranteed.

The most important prerequisite for the use of ventilation therapy is acceptance. That has to be critically examined, because wearing a mask is not everyone's thing.

Intersleep has different types of devices and masks that are extremely comfortable to wear, The comfort aspect is very important.

The gold standard in the treatment of sleep disorders in the Pneumology is called CPAP therapy, the acronym stands for nasal continuous positive airway pressure and means nasal ventilation therapy with continuous positive airway pressure. The principle of this ventilator is transmitted by air pressure generated by a fan, via a tube and a mask in the respiratory tract.

Today the devices are easy to maintain and so small that they can be taken along when traveling. And by means of a heated humidifier, the two main side effects such as a dry mouth and throat can be excluded, and a dry nose can usually be remedied.